What the community is saying about Energy Partners Fund

Your donation will enable us to raise matching funds to send our eighth grade girls to Tech Trek camp…These are hands-on experiences where campers work side by side with other young girls who are as excited about math and science at they are.

Thank you for showing us MOLU.  I love science, it’s my favorite subject.  I really enjoyed the fossils because I love learning about the past and the fossils of animals….I didn’t know that oil is in almost everything!

Sincere thanks for our new kindergarten science curriculum.  Without this type of community support, we would not be able to continue to provide the safe, supervised, and value-based learning environment our school is known for.

Your involvement in the education of today’s students is of utmost importance.  Your sponsorship will directly ignite the leaders of tomorrow!

…We are using the money to help fund a year of Hot Math access for Righetti Mathematics students.  This service enables students to see step-by-step hints for their homework problems.

…this program has been a very successful extracurricular endeavor that is providing students with an opportunity to gain engineering skills in a hands-on learning environment.  Our underwater robot will perform at the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) competition.

Your support assists Cal Poly in providing a new generation of graduates with the knowledge, problem-solving skills and leadership ability necessary for our state and nation to flourish.  Your gifts help ensure that Cal Poly students continue to have the advantage of our learn-by-doing educational philosophy, which is critical in preparing them for tomorrow’s challenges and successes.

Your monetary award has funded a certified teacher to teach a Pre-Algebra Readiness (PAR) class.  This is the only program of its type being offered in the Orcutt Union School District and it is through your support that we can accelerate the math skills of our students.

Thank you so much for your generous donation to support the teachers of Carpinteria to continue their participation in Science Matters. Over the past 3 years we have seen test scores rise and students gain more interest in science.  Without your generous support we would not be able to continue our work.

Your support will further our vision of the science lab as the centerpiece of our educational program, where our elementary school scholars build curiosity, ingenuity, and exploration as the means to academic achievement.  The entire El Camino community is enriched by your generous support of our science lab.

We truly thank you for contributing to our education in such a substantial manner.  Your contribution enabled us to travel to the Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens and participate in 3 hikes: The Nature Discovery Walk, Habitat Hike and Investigating Local Ecology.  The hikes emphasized our State Science Standards through hands on learning with nature and biology.

Thank you for your support of Techsploration, a hands-on science program for elementary students…when sufficiently nurtured at a young age, early curiosity can blossom into a lifelong learning attitude and a self-identity of being a technologically capable person. Perhaps they will be inspired into a Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM) field as a career!